How to Get MORE Traffic and MORE Comments to YOUR Blog

Traffic is the lifeblood of blogs and comments of visitors make them alive.
If you have some basics of SEO, then you should know that NoFollow blogs are absolutely useless for backlinking campaign, while DoFollow brings almost instant results.
In other words, the “Do Follow” makes sure that the search engine is going to crawl your blog/site linked in that page, while ”No Follow” attribute restricts search engine from crawling the link.
So my first suggestion in order to get more traffic, more readers and more comments is to transform your blog from standard NoFollow to a fantastic DoFollow : this can be done installing a plugin that remove the NoFollow tag.

Get more traffic with DoFollow

I use “SMu Manual DoFollow” plugin : you can choose between all Commenters, in order to give their link ”NoFollow” or “DoFollow” status.
I have chosen that my Blog will give regular Commenters DoFollow Status.
Once you installed this plugin, you should let blogosphere know that your blog now is DoFollow.
Check out some Directories and submit your link, like for example :
Now you should find some good DoFollow Blogs, related to your niche and leave some smart comments.
Even better, you should also look for DoFollow Blogs with CommentLuv enabled and if available, also Keyword Luv plugin, so you can receive a reward both having your last post backlinked in your comment and your keywords, after your name .
Do not abuse of this opportunity, do not spam with inappropriate comments. Be constructive and carry on your backlinking campaign in a way that seems natural.
Be consistent and in my opinion you should not buy backlinks, because ten or twenty links per week may seem natural, but a shot of 500 or a thousand links in a day, will let Google go in alert!!!

Get more comments with these plugins

You know that having a high quality blog, with interesting content is fine, but you must have comments below your posts in order to build an online community around the blog, even more engaging conversation with your readers.
My suggestion in order to get more comments is to install these free plugins (I have installed them on my blog) :
CommentLuv : it rewards your readers by automatically placing a link to their last blog post at the end of their comment. Encourage a community and discover new posts (CommentLuv is free, but the Premium version is even more juicy, because it helps you with SEO and social media);
- Top Commentators Widget : it adds a sidebar widget to show the top commentators in your WordPress site. You can see it in my homepage.
ReplyMe : it sends an email to author automatically while someone reply to his comment.
And of course a plugin that turn your blog into “DoFollow”. There are many available, I use ”SMu Manual DoFollow”.
I think these Plugins will definetely help you to get more comments on your blog.
I answer to all the constructive comments that I receive. I tell you more, I generally do not accept vague sentences targeted only to gain a DoFollow link.
You should then answer to all “smart comments”, in order to engage conversation. Even better, you may add sometimes a question to your readers : you should be suprised of the nice help you may receive !
Last thing : if you comment and visit other blogs (related to your niche), they may want to exchange the favour.