Two Operating System in New Samsung Tablet

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Mobile phone manufacturing company Samsung has unveiled a Windows 8 Tablet and Android operating systems can work both.
Samsung officials say 'Active Q called the Tablet's screen is 13.3 inches.
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Samsung announced a 41 percent profit
'Eye to eye': Galaxy S Four
Samsung has launched the Galaxy S 4 Money
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In this tablet keyboard for typing out which can be used as it stands can be.
Note that this tablet asus laptop between the tablet and two weeks after launching version here.
Asus version of the operating system can run both Microsoft and Google.

Users can simultaneously provide two things can increase the usefulness of your product.

The highlight of this camera is that the lens can be changed
He added, "With this program via the standard Windows supported third-party applications can also get the Google system, you will find ayplyksnz. Hmty as the mobile and tablet world the next step.
Samsung says 'Active Q' of the intl hyzuyl up and the battery is lasting nine hours.

In a press conference in London to announce the new tablet was unveiled.
A touch-screen computer Samsung 'Active Tab 3 of the exhibition.
'Active Tab 3, the company says about the computer world is the thinnest tablet and the full program can run Windows 8.
Besides a camera, Samsung 'Galaxy' n X 'is also announced.
Lens feature of this camera is that it can be changed., It runs on Android technology and four GB of data can be transferred.
Through this type of smart phone than can be photographed and the ability to edit photos and video that can be downloaded from the Internet.

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