10 Fun Ways to Make Money Online

Fun ways to make money online!?… Usually, most money making methods aren’t much of a fun. I mean, although there are so many different ways to make money online from paid surveys and affiliate marketing to blogging, freelancing and more, most of them require a lot of hard work and they are no fun. However, there are a few methods that are actually make making money online fun and enjoyably. Here are 10 fun ways to make money online:

Make money sharing coupons and discount codes
Buxr.com is a Bargain hunting kind of site where online shoppers can go and search for deals and discounts that will help them save money when shopping online. But, you can also earn money, by sharing coupon code and discount deals with others. You can register for free and when you come across a good deal or coupons, simply share it with others on Buxr. If members find the info you provided useful and use it, you earn a commission.
You can also earn money by displaying a Buxr widget on your website or blog which displays shopping deals. Each time one of your visitors clicks on your widget and take advantage of those deals and coupons, you earn a commission. They also give out daily $10 and monthly $100 (or more) prizes to the members.

Make money completing easy tasks
Amazon mechanical turk lets you earn money working on what are called “HITs”. HITs stands for Human Intelligence Tasks. These are task that computers and softwares can not do, so it require a human being to get the job done. Tasks include doing simple things like labeling images, visiting a website and giving your feedback, translating audio files into text, rewriting a sentence in your own words, looking at 2 identical pictures and spotting the differences are some of the task and more. Tasks usually take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes to complete and pay from a few cents per task to up to $30 or more per tasks.

Make money from your images
There are a few sites where you can make money by sharing your photos with others. Photography revenue sharing sites such as Fotolia and shutterstock allow you to earn money from your pictures. Simply register and upload any kinds of picture you have and earn a commission every time someone downloads your pictures. Pictures can be from anything, stack of money, cars, pencils, electronics, people, toys, books and anything else you can take a picture of.

Make money hosting live Internet radio shows
BlogTalkRadio is a site where you can host your own internet radio show and earn money from ads displayed on your page. You can make the show into a podcast via RSS and iTunes and have people listen to it online or on any mp3-friendly device. The more audience you have, the more money you can make.

Make money social networking
These days almost everybody uses social networking sites to keep in touch and share information with friends and family. But, how would you like to get paid to do that?… Well, now you can! On MyLot.com you can earn money by simply using their site to socialize with others. Simply do everything hat you would normally do on a social networking site- share pics, participate in discussions, send messages, keep in touch with friends and family, find new friends, invite friends to join,… and earn money for doing so. Basically the more active you are, the more money you make.

Make money selling magazine subscription
This is by far the easiest and most profitable one of all the fun ways to make money online. Since there are magazines on almost any topic you can imagine, selling magazine subscription isn’t that hard, . There is website called Acclaim Subscriptions, which is an affiliate program that you can use to earn commission by getting people to subscribe to different magazines they have.
Here is the kick, they have over 200,000 different magazines on so many different topics that virtually anyone with any interest can be a potential customer for you. After you register for free, you will be given your own referral link. Every time someone clicks on that link and subscribe to any of the 200,000 magazines, you get a commission.
You can place the link on your website, blog, email or anywhere you want. You could even put it on your Facebook page, Myspace, Twitter or any other social networking page you have.

Make money answering questions
Are you knowledgeable about a subject or two? Good at answering questions?… Why not use your knowledge and expertise to earn money on the internet.Just Answer pays you to answer questions. When you first register and become an expert, you earn 25% of what the person who asks the question is willing to pay for the answer. But, after a while, your earnings increases from 25% to up to 50%. When you reach the minimum requirement for cash out which is $20, you will be paid via paypal.

Make money giving tips!
You can earn cash by giving tips and advice to others on Daytipper. Write a few sentence describing your tips and submit to the site. Every time someone uses that tip, you get a commission. You can also earn cash prizes. Every month they give out 3 cash prizes to the best tip givers. Winner gets $100, second place gets $75 and 3rd place gets $50.

Make money designing and selling custom made t-shirts
You can earn money by designing custom made t-shirts. The good thing is you don’t even need any technical or design skill to design t-shirts. Sites like CafePress and Zazzle have simple drag and drop interfaces that allows anyone to transfer an image or a text to a t-shirt. You can use your own created images and text or you can use their instant design generator to come up with cool designs. You can either sell your designed t-shirt on their site, or you can open your own online store and make money selling your custom designed t-shirts.
Make money doing almost anything
This is really fun and you can make money doing unbelievable and sometimes silly things. Fiverr is a website where people can buy and sell any kind of service for $5. You don’t believe what people actually pay for. Basically you can earn money on fiverr doing anything you can imagine from writing a song, video taping yourself singing a song, making a prank call, wearing a t-shirt with someone’s name on it to tweeting a special message to your followers, teaching someone how to do this or that, building a simple web page for someone, setting up a Facebook fanpage and more.
For each sell you make, $1 goes to fiverr as their commission and the rest ($4) goes to your pocket. Its all about promoting your service good and making it interesting. There are people who are making a living offering to do crazy things for people. I myself use fiverr and have my own fiverr page where I offer services.

These are some really cool ways to make extra money online without having to work for hours upon hours. However, you can’t really make a living doing these. So don’t kid yourself to thinking that you are gonna get rich doing this stuff. Just think of them as a few cool and fun ways to make money online.


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