3 Profitable Ways To Make Money With A Blog Easily

Do you want to monetize your blog and earn extra income?
This post will highlight profitable ways to make money with a blog easily. But that doesn’t mean it’s a piece of cake – you’ve to work hard in order to earn a significant income online.
A lot of bloggers complain that they’re not profiting from their blogs and when I dig into the problem, I discovered they weren’t monetizing properly. There is a way to monetize a blog, whether it’s new or established.
Listed below are three exceptional ways to get started.
You’re bound to start generating good money from these methods – and don’t give up if your expectations didn’t appear when you expected it – keep working – don’t quit yet!

1 . Affiliate Marketing Strategy

Yes, affiliate marketing can be a good source of income for bloggers. Whether you’re just starting out with blogging, promoting affiliate offers can generate extra commissions for you.
But you’ve to study the market and choose a hot product. It’s ideal to market usable products like wordpress themes, plugins, software and beautiful photos.
You should get into the habit of writing quality and helpful contents at all times. This is the only way to retain and encourage readers to check out your affiliate offers.
When a sale is completed, you’ll automatically earn commissions and this can be high depending on the third-party merchant. Clickbank pays 50% and above.

2 . Pay Per Click Ads

The second profitable way to monetize a blog is with pay per click ads. Two days ago, Google AdSense sent my check of $148.32.
This might not sound impressive, but considering I didn’t do anything to get the income, I think it’s good to give AdSense and other PPC programs a shot. It’s passive because, I didn’t have to work on the niche sites again.
If your blog is receiving a handful of targeted traffic, you could display ads on your blog to generate extra income. Off course, PPC earnings cannot be compared to affiliate earnings – but it can be a source of income to you.
Make sure you read the publishers terms and policy when starting out. Don’t click your own ads or encourage people to click.
Focus on writing quality and engaging contents. If you can get people to stick around your blog for several minutes, the chances of clicking an advertisement is increased.

3 . Sell Your Skills

The final piece of puzzle to monetizing a blog profitably is by selling your skills. I strongly believe you’ve a special skill which can be transformed into a business model.
You can use your blog as a lead magnet. Attract potential clients to your blog and redirect them to your ‘hire me’ page.
As a freelancer, you’ve several opportunities to earn extra income from with your skills. Provide a needed service online, charge a fair price and amass paying clients quickly.
The secret of success with freelancing lies in marketing. If you know how to promote your expertise, I’m sure the right prospects would come knocking at your door – blog.
Sell your skill today. You might have struggled with affiliate marketing and PPC programs. Well, all those are secondary – your skill is primary.
It’s like a lemon which can be turned into millions. If you’re good at writing quality articles, then become a freelance writer.Or can you design a logo, an e-cover or website header? Get into the design industry and cash-in immediately.

Extra Income Takeaway

The essence of blogging is to connect with thoughtful leaders and to help other people experience the joy of doing business online.
The focus should be on building a tribe, and not necessarily the making money. Though important, but it shouldn’t be the pivot of your thoughts.
When people trust you, they can spend money when you recommend a product or service. Take this simple advice to heart – it’s priceless. See you ahead!


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