4 Top Tips on Blogging for Cash

Blogging is such a popular concept on the internet today. Online bloggers do so for various reasons. For some they do so for education and information while others do so for fun or contribute on topical issues. Along with this idea, there is an upcoming trend that is gaining popularity – Blogging for dollars. How cool!! A few extra dollars in your pocket will sure go a long way in this tough economy. If new to blogging for cash, consider the tips outlined hereafter to increase success for your blog for cash endeavor.
1. Benefit from Google Adsense
Doodle adsense  is an advertising concept from Google where it pays website and blog owners cash for allowing them to post ads on their websites. One needs to express interest with  Google and they will provide you with a Java code that you embed on your website. In this way, ads are run on your website and get paid for offering the platform  for Google to advertize.
2. Create space for product publicity
Blogs are a really powerful platform that can be used to create awareness for your product. In case you a blog owner, you can take advantage of this money making opportunity by creating space on your blog pages where marketers and product owners  can post ads and create links to their websites.
3. Allow Ads on your website’s banner
You can harness a money making opportunity on your website from your banner space. You can do this by allowing other website owners to advertise their websites and blogs or products and services, at a fee, of course. You can take it a step further that if a surfer clicks on that banner they pay an added fee because the surfer actually visited your website. Be careful not to allow too many ads as it may put off your visitors as some find too many flashing ads annoying.
4. Participating in Affiliate or Referral programs
Affiliate programs are networks created by blog owners and marketers or product owners where a blog owner advertizes the product on his/ her website and if sale is made from his/her website, a commission is earned by the blog owner. The blog owner can encourage more sales by giving a referral link to bus/her bloggers who in turn recommend this product to other bloggers that they know. In this way, the blog owner earns through any buyer who purchases through his bloggers link.
Whether you are offering information, giving your opinion about a certain product or service or even clicking on ads, you can create an income whether you are a blog owner or not.  Take time to search online for such opportunities and you will find them. Start with whatever you find and build confidence as you go on. You will not regret. In fact, you may land on a good opportunity and quit your present job!!!


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