5 Reasons Why Google Banned Large Number of Pakistani Adsense Accounts

Google AdSense is one of the most admired source of income on Internet and motivation of most of bloggers. This has made many blogger millionaires in some years. Many people relay on Google Adsense world wide including Pakistanis. Many Pakistani publishers are upset and feared because Google has banned a large number of Pakistani AdSense accounts. Google has also banned aged and company accounts such as a (popular news paper) Daily Times account also stopped.
Google was accepting only a few new applications from Pakistan and this act of Google has disheartened a large of Pakistani bloggers. Here are few reasons why Google stop large numbers of Pakistani accounts.
Its annoyed when Google disables your account but there is always a reason if you are behind it.

1- Spam Sites

Google do not like spam sites and don’t want to see their ads on them. Spam sites include feed aggregators, sms sites etc. The most important thing that matter is “contents”. Your site should contain unique and exclusive content otherwise Google wouldn’t accept your account any longer.

2- Made-for-AdSense
One more general reason that why AdSense account is banned is Made for adsense. People only make sites and blogs to earn money using AdSense and when AdSense yourself check the website, they Hit the “Disable” button.

3-Less Sales and Higher Cost

Any company does not like to have lower profits and higher cost of running their business. This is so far another reason because most of the advertisers do not selectPakistanin their advertising campaigns.Pakistandoes not have good sales. This results in less profits and/or higher cost of running.

4- Google Panda Updates

Most of Pakistani accounts are banned because of a small but “serious” panda update. Google maybe trapped a large number of websites having copied contents and their software disabled mass AdSense accounts.

5- Other Policy Violations

The publishers who do not care for TOS of Google AdSense make serious violations and their accounts are banned. Having adult contents, uninteresting contents, hate-speeches etc are top cause of Google banning AdSense accounts.


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