5 Ways to Increase Alexa Traffic Rank of Your Blog

Amazon’s alexa traffic rank of a website is a measure which indicates the amount and level of traffic to a website from people all over the world who have alexa toolbar installed. It represents how popular your website or blog is on the internet. Alexa Traffic Rank is used by advertisers to know about the traffic levels of your website and plays a big part in deciding the advertising cost. Hence, if you want to make money online from advertising or sponsorships on your blog, you must pay a lot of attention towards improving the alexa rank of your blog.

5 Simple Ways to Increase Alexa Traffic Rank

Higher the alexa traffic, higher is the traffic to your blog and more will be the advertising costs on your blog. These are some simple techniques to increase your alexa rank which I am going to share with you.
  • Alexa Toolbar :- Download the alexa toolbar and use it to visit your blog. Alexa ranking is based on the number of visitors to your blog having alexa toolbar installed. You generally visit your blog a number of times during a day. So why not utilise your visits to improve your rankings.
  • Search Engines :- You should try and get listed on as many number of search engines as possible. Try and get yourself listed on DMOZ directory which is widely used on the internet.
  • Write Reviews :- One more method to increase your alexa traffic rank is to get reviews for your blog. You can write them on your own or get them written by someone else. You can use top 500 or 1000 sites ranked by Alexa to generate reviews for your own blog.
  • SEO Forums and Blogs :- Try and participate in SEO forums and blogs available on the internet as these are most likely to use Alexa Toolbar. A lot webmaters are involved with SEO forums which can be a good source of traffic to your blog.
  • Keep Asiatic Audience In Mind :- Studies have shown that Asiatic countries like India and China have the most number of Alexa toolbars installed with the people. Hence traffic from these countries can help you to gain very high alexa traffic rank.


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