Easy Tips To Make Money from Social Networks

Social Networking sites are increasing day by day.  They are helpful in spreading business, learning of new opportunities and reaching out to people. People are very passionate about these sites and love to spend their time on them. Facebook, Orkut, Twitter, My Space, Tagged etc.  are the popular social networking sites. There are also other Network marketing sites to make money like My Lot, Yuwie, PeopleString, GeoString.

  My Lot

This is the oldest social networking website. You can participate in discussions and make friends here. You can share articles, news items, pictures and videos with other users of To earn money you can submit you own blog or participate in their referral programs by referring new users to My Lot. (http://www.mylot.com/)


This is also a famous social networking website. You can make your own profile, participate in discussions, submit blogs, pictures and videos. It pays for the total number of page views and referrals too. (http://r.yuwie.com/)


Gather was launched in 2005. You can share blogs, articles, pictures and videos with the others. You earn points for all your activities on Gather which can exchange for cash or exchanged for shopping. (http://www.gather.com/)


Tagfoot is the latest website. You can entry here only by invitation. You can share articles, news, blogs, pictures and videos. This website pays its users. When you add your Ad Sense code the revenue is shared. You can also use your Amazon ID or refer your friends to Tagfoot to earn money online.(http://tagfoot.com/home)

Advantages of joining Social Networking Websites

There are many advantages of joining Social Networking Websites.
1. People will know you and your products, services face-to-face.
2. You can create tons of back links for your website which will boost your website’s rank in search engines like Google and Yahoo.
3. You can build your brand name by giving advices.
4. You can make your own networks of friends who share common interests.


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