How To Make Money On oDesk

Have you heard about oDesk? If you’re looking to hire freelance help or you’re looking to make some money from home you’ll want to check out this site.

What is oDesk?

Who Can Make Money on oDesk? 
oDesk is a site that matches employers with freelancers. It is a world-wide platform with freelancers and employers from all over the globe. Employers post ads for all sorts of projects both short and long term. Freelancers apply for the jobs on oDesk and contractors can choose among the applicants. Completed jobs are paid for through oDesk and employers and freelancers can leave feedback for each other that will be added to each oDesker’s profile.
Graphic designers, writers, programmers, web designers, typists and more can make money on oDesk. There are job posting categories for translators, accounting, bookkeeping, sales and lead generation, logo design, game development, blog and article writing, software development, virtual assistance, and many more – over 70 job categories in all.
Keep in mind when you’re looking for work on oDesk that it is a global marketplace. If you live in a country, like the US, with a high cost of living you won’t be able to compete for some jobs where applicants are willing to work for a very low rate. You’ll just need to sift through more listings to find the ones where you can make the kind of money you need to earn. There are employers on the site who pay reasonable rates for top quality work.

How Do I Sign Up on oDesk?

Signing up for an account on odesk is easy. There are no fees involved. It’s a very simple application process but the more care you spend on your profile after you join the more likely you’ll be to make money on oDesk.

How Can I Make Money On oDesk?

When you’re new to oDesk there are some things that you can do to ensure that you’ll be successful. To make money on oDesk as a new member:
  • Fill out your profile completely. Include your photograph.
  • To get ideas click on the Hire tab and scroll through freelancers’ profiles to see how they filled out their profiles. 
  • The Objective is an opportunity for you to write a brief sales pitch for yourself.
  • The Objective should stress what you have to offer, more than what you want.
  • Your Employment History is an opportunity to list work experience relevant to what you want to do on oDesk.
  • The Skills section is another chance to toot your own horn.
  • Be sure to add examples of your work to your Portfolio.
  • Take oDesk Tests.  There are 100s of skills tests you can take.  You have the opportunity to include your test scores in your profile or hide them if you don’t do well.
  • Be prepared to take a low or lower paying job for your first oDesk assignment. Your goal is to get good feedback.
  • When you apply for a job use care to write a professional custom cover letter.
  • Make sure you read the posting carefully before writing your cover letter. It seems that many applicants don’t. Employers often include a phrase or word for you to include in your letter to prove you read the entire ad.
Do the job well, on time, and maintain good communication with the employer. With good feedback you’ll be on your way to making money on oDesk.


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