Make Money with Adsense Without a Website

Make money with Adsense without a website! It sounds impossible since to earn adsense revenue you have to place the adsense code on a web page. And if you don’t own a website, there is no way for you to alter its pages and add adsense code to it. Thankfully, there is a way to make money with adense without owning a website. It’s a method that almost anyone can use to earn adsense revenue with no website of their own.

Revenue sharing programs
Revenue sharing is basically a system where a you offer to publish your own content on another website. That websites displays Google adsense ads along side your content and the revenue earned from those ads are shared with you. Most revenue sharing sites share the revenue 50-50. Though some sites may even give you a higher percentage.
Of course, just like if you had adsense on your own website, to increase adsense revenue you will have to drive traffic to your content pages. The more traffic you drive to your content pages, the more clicks you may get on your ads and that means more money.
The good thing is that some of these revenue sharing sites are already popular and receive lots of traffic, so your content pages are already exposed to a huge number of visitors, whcih gives you a better chance of earning more revenue.
There are many different kinds of websites that offer revenue sharing, such as content revenue sharing sites, video revenue sharing sites, document revenue sharing sites and even revenue sharing social networks. But no matter the kind, they all work the same way; the site shares a percentage of the revenue earned from adsense ads displayed on your content pages with you.
Here are a few revenue sharing sites that make it possible for anyone to make money with adsense without a website:
A web 2.0 sites where you can publish articles about any subject and earn revenue not only with Google adsense, but also from eBay and Amazon affiliation ads.
Another site similar to HubPages. You get 50% of the revenue earned from ads.
You can write article and even bookmark your favorite articles from around the web. Adsense ads will be displayed on every page and the revenue will be shared with you.
Flixya is a video sharing site where you can upload your own videos and receive 50% of the Google adsense revenue. You can upload videos from Youtube, Daily Motion, Google Video and other video sharing sites.
A social networking sites geared more towards news. You can do investigative reporting, write and publish your own opinion about a subject and post any newsworthy item. They pay you a whopping 90% of the revenue earned from ads on your content pages.
Another social networking site, but this one is geared more towards travel. You can write about your travel experiences and share it with other people. You can even post pictures and videos of your travel. Basically, you are a travel guide.
A picture sharing site where you can earn adsense revenue by sharing your pictures and images of all kind.
There are many more revenue sharing sites out there. That is why I am going to publish another post very soon, where I will list a huge number of revenue sharing sites. So, if you are interested, keep an aye on this blog or subscribe to our feed to be the first one to know when the post is published. Don’t forget to share your experience with revenue sharing sites or tell us in the comment section if you know of any other ways to make money with adsense without a website.


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