Tips To Get More Comments On Your Blog

Comments are always like an award to your blog posts. Every Blogger wants to get  huge number of comments on their blog but sometimes they failed to get it. Bloggers should use few techniques in order to get huge number of valuable comments because comments brand your blog posts.
Here are Few techniques which helps in getting huge number of valuable comments:
1. Write Useful Posts: First of all I suggest to write a post which is useful to others, then only they want to read it and comment on it. If you write a post which is no of use for others then why do they waste their time in reading your blog post. So its primary to write the thing that is useful for your readers and for this you should analyse that who are your readers. Try to find out about your readers, about their needs, about their choice. Once you got to know about your readers and start writing for them then you will notice a sudden increase in the number of comments.
2. Ask Questions: Try to ask specific questions in your blog posts which relates to that post.
For example, while writing about Google + and facebook you can ask put a question at the end as “so what do you think who will be the winner?”
It just an example you can write questions that is related to that blog post.
3. Answer The Comments: Try to read every comments on your blog posts and if any comment need an answer then write answer for them, also if you want then you can thank your all commenters for commenting on your post. Atleast thank for for them who comments on your blog for the first time. This will increase the interest of the commenter to come again to your blog.
4. Use CommentLuv Plugin: Try to use comment luv plugin on your bog. I have already discussed about this plugin so I am not describing here again.
5. Top Commenter Widget: Have top commentator widget on your blog. This will increase commentator’s interest to comment on your blog because they will get traffic for their blog from here.
6. Be calm and Polite: many a time you can get comments which tells about your post’s weaknesses then Just Don’t get angry, be calm and admit if you have find the weakness and reply to the comment politely.
sometimes you can get criticism also because you are writing for the people then just don’t be angry and handle the situation politely.
7. Select Easy Comment System: Many a time I saw sites which wants login to comment. Personally I avoid those type of sites. Sometimes the post is just amazing but I don’t comment their just because of login issue. Also I suggest to use wordpress default comment system because its very simple and easy to use. Keep your comment section very simple to use.


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