Tips to Save Your Google Adsense Account from Being Banned

Blogging is one of the most popular ways to earn some money these days. Blogs are a big source of knowledge. You can find thousands of blogs even on a small topic. Blogs is a great source of extra income. Google adsense account is the most famous way to generate revenue from blog. Google adsense is a pay per click program. Bloggers are paid when someone clicks on an advertisement displayed on their blogs. Google has very strict policy for the approval of applications. Even your application is approved you need to be careful about your account not to be banned.

Guideline to Save Google Adsense Account from Being Banned

1- Clicking on their Own ads: Bloggers usually click on their own ads. This is the most general mistake made by all to earn quick revenue in short time. Google has a very powerful system to track it. This results in a ban.
2- Blogging in a language not supported by adsense: Always Blog in a language that is supported by the adsense program to get approval for an adsense account. However, if you have already got an approval but are now blogging in a language that is not supported by Google then it is better that you make the required changes.
3- Clogging advertisements on a single page: Adsense is based on rule to limit three number of ads on a single page. If you dot follow it then Google consider you false and your account will be in difficulty.
4- Asking the visitors to click on ads: Never ask your visitors or friends to click on the ads display on your site. It is not tolerable by Google.
5- Using labels on advertisements: Many visitors display ads with the labels like click here or click here for some specific purpose that actually helped in producing a good number of clicks. This is also a way of encouraging the visitors, which as talk about is not acceptable.
6- Using multiple advertisement programs: If you think that Google adsense is the only advertisement program to make income through ads then you are under a fairy tale. If you are using Google adsense on your account do not use any other related advertisement program to earn extra income.
7- Modifying the adsense code: programmers always have a habit to modify things by modifying the code. but, Google does not allow or admit it any way.
8- Multiple adsense account: Many People normally apply for several adsense accounts to make income rapidly. But Google do not allow doing so. If Google trace that both the accounts are operated from a single IP it will stop your payment or banned your account.
9- Highlighting the ad: It is the best policy to emphasize your ad by placing it next to images but then you will definitely get your account banned. So avoid it and keep away from it.
10- Sending emails containing ads: Do not send adsense ads within emails. This is against the adsense program policy.


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