How to Increase Traffic on Website or Blogger

Before going to discuss how to increase traffic on blog or website you should know the basic fundamental about web traffic. There are Four types of web traffic.

  1. Search Traffic
  2. Referral  Traffic
  3. Piad Traffic
  4. Direct Traffic

What is meant by search traffic:

Search traffic mean the user with you earn from search engine's or other searching platform known search traffic. Search traffic are very important for your website or blogger, You will earn traffic at that time when your site will up in search engine otherwise you can not earn this type of traffic.  

Tips for blogger to increase traffic on blog/website
How to Increase Traffic on Website or Blogger 

What is meant by Referral traffic:

Referral traffic mean traffic which you earn from linking of your site to other site's simply mean Link Exchange or Back link's. You you have enough back link's of you website then you can earn this type of traffic. This traffic is also very important for you to grow in search engine. you can check how much back link's you have from Alexa

What is meant by by Paid traffic:

Paid traffic mean traffic which you are earning from budget, in simple word's traffic which you are earning from Advertisement on many platform. This type of traffic you can earn from Advertising on Google Adwards, Advertising on Facebook, Advertisement with other website, Advertisement on TV channel's and so many other platforms are available for this type of traffic. This type of traffic is not much important for you website because from advertising you will earn traffic till a specific time not long time.

What is meant by by Direct traffic:

Traffic which come's on you website/Blog by direct access not from any other platform, usually direct traffic on websites are low because no one will remember you domain name. 

Now,  How to Increase Traffic on Website or Blogger 

There are lot of ways to increase traffic on you website or blog, we will discuss all the ways step by step.

  • Your website or Blog should Unique

  • Your Website or Blog contents should Unique

  • Use image or video with you articles 

  • Use Social Sharing widget on website or Blog

  • Keep in touch with your reader by comments

  • Your Website or Blog Look Should attractive by using Themes/Template  

  • Keep in touch with you reader's by reply of comments

  • Share your Contents on Social Websites e.g Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest 

  • Use Back link's Strategy

  • Post Relevant Information or website

  • Give importance to feedback of you reader

  • Use Best Title for you Post 
Here was few quotations to increase traffic on Website/Blog,you will adopt these strategy hope you will enjoy traffic as well as earning. Hope you like this article, If you have any query in your mind you are most welcome leave in comments.
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