5 Basic SEO Tips For Every Blogger In 2013

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SEO is a word that every blogger always bothers about.Although some of those bloggers might think building active readership is more important than SEO(I do agree).But we need to give equal importance to SEO as well,because search engines like Google always rolls out algorithm updates like Panda, Penguin, EMD(Exact Matched Domain) and we don't know which one will strike our blog.Another important thing is that if you want to make your blog rank high in SERP,you must implement Basic SEO techniques.

Here are some of those basic SEO tips that every blogger should keep in their mind to make your blog stand out from the those algorithm updates.

Maintain Quality Not Quantity :

No doubt where ever your go,you will surely read the phrase "Quality Content"....

Yes its true...!!

As you know Search Engines are always busy digging the high quality content.So,if you maintain good quality in your blog posts,your blog will be noticed by the Search Engines and will give much importance to your blog in the SERP soon.

Link Building :

Hmm...this is a bit complex issue to discuss,but you have to pay more attention while you are creating back links.Since back links must be niche-based.

For suppose if a technology blog is linked to another technology blog..its fine and no prob..
but the main problem comes when a technology blog is linked to a music or may be a photography blog.since they are not of the same niche and the question rings is like..why should a tech blog link to photography blog..?


Actually backlinks should come naturally,but it is difficult....

So,what to do...?

I suggest you to prefer Guest Blogging on a popular reputed in order to gain maximum exposure to you and your blog.Blog commenting is another good way followed by most of the newbies.

Remember No Paid Links...

Keyword Research :

I know Keyword Research is not an easy task,you need to spend a lot of time on it to spot on the correct keyword.There are a lot of keyword research tools available,but go for Google Adwords Keyword Tool,you will get most of the data there.If you don't know how to use it,just search for the related videos on YouTube.

Optimization (But Not Over) :

Suppose you wrote a blog post and ready to publish it.....

Wait for a moment...

Read it once,place the Keyword which you are targeting in some places like Post title,Permalink,Post description,if possible in the first and last sentence of the blog post.And also don't fill up the entire post with the same keyword again and again which appears like spam.So,once you are ready to publish an article optimize it but not over.Make sure that your readers will understand it after everything done.

Keep An Eye On Search Engines :

As I said Search Engines like Google frequently updates its algorithms in order to uncover the quality content.You need to be updated time to time to escape from those Penguin kicks and Panda slaps.And learn new things in SEO always.

Over To You :

So, i hope this post will help some of you over there.If you have any other SEO Tips to share with us,simply leave your awesome comment.


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  2. Excellently expressed article. In 2013, the SEO is become a challenge for a blogger because the content is highly valued by Search engines. The tips you have enclosed are very useful to stay successful in Blogging. Thanks for sharing!