White Hat SEO Techniques, Tricks & Tips

White hat SEO is for chumps.  Anyone doing anything white hat is basically sitting on their ass hoping to rank organically which will never ever happen.  Either you listened to SEObook or Mr. Matt Cutts, you are clearly going to fail.  Why?  Because white hat SEO is the means of basically doing nothing and hoping people link to you naturally.  Okay, how do sites know I exist if I am not ranking and if they do not know that I exist then how would they link to me?  Exactly!

Matt Cutts wants you to pursue white hat techniques so that you end up failing at SEO and giving up all together or moving to PPC so you can buy Matt more donuts.  There is obviously less risk when doing white hat because you are completely off Google's radar because you have no links for one and two, you aren't ranking.  Google doesn't care about sites not ranking because they aren't making money so therefore they won't be able to pay for Google adwords and make Google more money.  They want the sites that are ranking #1 for tons of terms and sites that are cleary making money off Google and not paying their dues.  
So really, there is no such thing as white hat tricks because white hat doesn't work.  However, there are ways to mimic white hat but staying off Google's radar.  I however, suggest to go fully blackhat and start scaling your sites to alleviate the risk.  This works wonders when you have tons of sites and if Google penalizes your site (which it will), you will be making enough money with all your sites that were unaffected that you won't even notice.
White Hat Vs. Black Hat
The differences are obvious.  White hat requires no backlinking and no violating Google's TOS since building ONE single backlink is against Google's policy.  Blackhat obviously violates that policy and is usually done with automating the backlink process so you aren't manually building links.  Some people even think doing manual link building is whitehat but really it is not since you are building a link to your site.  This is usually a safer method because you are buiilding less links then you would be able to with an automated program but is less efficient and less effective (in my opinion using my methods).
How To Mimic White Hat
You can mimc white hat without actually doing white hat and that is with the use of buffers.  Buffers are set up so that you do not directly link to your main site and Google will most likely not punish your main site but your buffers.  Remember, Google can penalize any site and has penalized the cleanest of clean sites in the past, so just know you are never safe from Google's wrath.
When you use buffers, you can use them as funnels to actually rank these sites and send traffic to your main site.  Buffers allow you to scale and spread the risk so thin that when Google does an update, you won't have to worry.  I go over the buffer/funnel method in a previous thread and I really urge you to take a look at it.
The best part about using buffers to build links to is that you build more authority and link juice through this method.  You can create these types of sites so quickly.  At the moment I can do about 10 a week.  If one goes down, you already got 10 new ones the next week.
White Hat Blackhat Whatever Hat
Regardless of what hat you are, we are all in the same game.  We are all trying to rank and we are all trying to manipulate the search engines.  We are all trying to take a peice of Google's pie and make money.  If we are all business men and women, we should understand the fact that we are looking for ways to improve ROI and be more efficient and cost affective with our online marketing.  Doing white hat is not cost effective, not efficient and brings the worse ROI.  
So… YOu make the choice?  Have you decided which is for you?  If you haven't signed up for my free ebook, do so to the right and you will be glad you did!


  1. Black hat seo techniques can be dangerous for search engine ranking specially after new Google Algorithm . So i think we should always use white hat SEO techniques because it is the only safe way to promote the website .
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