Do NOT Submit Your Website To Google!

Some people believe that submitting their website to Google is a good way to get Goog to include their site in the search results. Amazingly, there are still people making money out there by charging for their ‘submit website to Google’ services. This honestly blows my mind and shows me that people are just taking the word of others instead of testing things themselves.
I have tested Google’s tool that allows you to submit your website several times and can tell you that using it is probably the worst thing you can do. The last time I tested it I had to wait six full weeks before Google including my site in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) and the site took more work than usual to rank. That doesn’t really ‘make sense’ and I’ll admit that but once you have started a few hundred sites you start to get a feel for how things should happen and that site did not act right for a while.
The Proper Way To ‘Submit’ A Website To Google
I know that I’ve talked about this briefly in posts before, but I wanted to lay this out in a post of its own just to be 100% clear. The best way to get your site into Google is by linking to it from a site that has decent PageRank.
If you don’t know what I’m talking about, that’s perfectly ok. If you can follow these simple instructions you’ll get into Google within a week and often within 24 hours. Here’s the step-by-step:
  1. Write a 300 word article about something related to your website.
  2. Submit that article to (PageRank 6) or (also a PageRank 6).
  3. Make sure when you fill out the about the author box you link back to your site.
  4. For maximum effectiveness, submit one article to, and another entirely different article to
If you go through that simple process, Google will follow your links from those sites to your site and will ‘index’ it, which means they will then include it in the SERPs.
Guys every time I do it this way it works. Some of you may think that this doesn’t really make sense, in fact whenever I have mentioned this in the past I always get people asking me why Google would have a submission utility if it didn’t work well. I don’t know and I don’t care. I don’t spend my time trying to figure out why Google does what they do. I spend it figuring what they do, end of story. This lesson will help you to get into Google more effectively and by all means, don’t take my word for it, test it out yourself.
All you have to do to test this out is set up two sites in the same niche. Submit one to Google and link to the other one from Ezine and GoArticles. I can all but guarantee that the second option will give you the best results and if you’ll follow it, you’ll always be able to get into Google..
My Theory For Why Google Does This
In my opinion, Google knows that they should be able to find legit sites by following links. If a truly great site is launched, someone will be linking to it from somewhere. If this doesn’t happen, Google probably assumes that the site is going to be of lesser quality. The best sites ALWAYS get linked to because people like them. If you don’t get linked to and have to rely on their submission service, I think that tells Google that your site is small time.
Getting Your Site To RANK Well In Google
I would imagine that if you’re trying to learn how to submit your site to Google, you would probably like to get some traffic from them. The fact that you’re in Google doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to get any traffic but if you know what you’re doing Google can be a huge traffic source.
I’ve built an entire program, with everything from video lessons, comprehensive written guides, supporting keyword research and link building software to a totally supportive community…all designed to help you get traffic from Google and turn that traffic into money.
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