10 Important Tips To Increase Fans On Your Facebook Page

The first direct marketing tool that one can think of today is Facebook. It’s gone from being just another social network, to being ‘The social network’. No just that, it’s now great medium for business.
Simply speaking, this is because facebook is where people are. And if they are there, why not get them to notice who you are and what you do? These virtual profiles belong to real people, with real needs. So, here’s some quick ways to increase the number of fans on your business page:
1. Cater To Your Target Group
The first rule is to know and target the people who could be interested in your products or services. So, everything you do should be for the people who will actually be your clients.
2. Start Activities
Once you have your TG in mind and you obviously know all the plusses of your products, so start activities promoting the same.
You need to start interacting or creating activities that people enjoy and like to participate in. A way to encourage participation could be to run contests, give our freebies, or gift vouchers and coupons.
Some of the most common activities are those to add more people to the group or get more friends to like the page; the person to get most friends on the page wins prizes. The tried and tested way works with all age groups!
3. Create An Identity
Your brand needs an identity to survive. Your brand identity represents you. From the brand colors to the ‘tone’ of conversation with fans, it’s all a aprt of an identity. You should know what perception you want to create.
4. Relevant Content
If you are a fashion mag, you need to have related content; if you are an ice cream dealer, you need to have relevant content. There’s a difference. Content like they say, always rules. You compromise on content, and somewhere down the line, people lose interest and stop supporting. In a way, Content Writing and presentation becomes vital in influencing the audience.
5. Regularity Counts
You need to be regular with status updates, information, activities, events and other such content. Whatever you are ‘up to’, make the most of it by updating your facebook business page.
6. Interact
Make it a two way communication. If you are the only person posting and talking, it makes no sense to have a page. A page should act like a medium for people to reach you. Treat your audience with respect!
7. Listen To Feedback
Taking the previous point one step further, listen to what people have to say. Take the feedback seriously, act upon it or simply just reply. There are somehtings that you can’t relaly control, but the least you can do, is be approachable
8. Plan
Nothing happens without planning! Cut down the randomness – yes, replying to people and what you must reply cannot be planned, but the remaining activities can be. So go ahead and do that to make the most of the time.
9. Analyze
Finally, have a close eye on what’s happening; what’s working and what’s not. Analyze reports, study reactions and try to compensate and make up for segments or actions that aren’t going well.
10. Be Positive
And last but not the least, be positive. This doesn’t mean you simply look at your page ‘wishfully’ hoping for likes to improve; it simply means that you must highlight your positive points and strengths and leverage them to your advantage. Talk about what your brand’s up for, and see the fans growing!


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