Best Revenue Sharing Sites

Revenue sharing sites could be an option for you to earn online through writing article content or placing bookmarks of useful links that will help others who find them and there are quite a few revenue sharing websites out there online to choose from, some may be better than others, but lets take a brief tour through the better ones out there. This one only pays out to the US residents, but it is one to be considered for traffic too, the earnings are split and the article content you write have to be about how to do something, so try and gear up your content exactly on how to do something in your niche or something that you know alot about and that will be useful to others who find your articles. This is a writing community that you can sign up for and start to write whatever you want and the revenue sharing comes not from Hubpages itself, but through separate affiliate partners such as Amazon, Ebay, Adsense and Kontera, the earning is split 60/40 in your favour, with the %40 going back to Hubpages, the site is just a host for your articles and the best part about the site is that you own your content and if you decide you want to leave the site, you can take your content with you, but I would test and tweak your article content over there and try to write a series of articles in the same topic for best results, the traffic advantages of Hubpages is impressive if you build and write article content that interests you and that will also be of interest to others. Squidoo is similar to Hubpages and should also be used as a traffic generation method with unique content within your niche, but as with Hubpages there are more revenue sharing options with the sites Google adsense, Amazon, Ebay, Zazzle, Cafepress and a few others and you get a share of the revenue for any sales your squidoo lenses creates, again the best practice with Squidoo is to write around a topic with multiple lenses and link them altogether and promote them using some internet marketing methods that will work for you. Again another revenue sharing site that is just like Hubpages and Squidoo. A bookmarking type of site, but with your blogs, you can write a number of blog posts about specific topics on Yousaytoo and you can also link up one of your existing blogs and it will pull the posts and display them on your Yousaytoo account, the revenue sharing comes through Google Adsense and Amazon affiliate commissions, we are in the early stages of testing this site out, so expect a full review of the site soon!


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