Taking Negative comments Positively

Lets face it, when we are talking about something and people oppose us none of us really like the guy opposing us and we call him names like moron or something similar (sometimes worse) When someone disagrees with our line of thoughts and is quite open about it ( sometimes way to open and even outrageous ) we really dont take it in a good spirits always, do we ?

I once read somewhere something on the lines of - when someone opposes you consider it as positive sign that you are on the right track !!

Talking about blogs and comments they have been together since the beginning of this world and are kinda inseparable. You must have seen a lot of blogposts with negative comments and readers disapproving of what the author has written but there are a lot of blogger who simply delete such comments almost instantly like they were waiting for this very moment and learn from it.

So how does negative comments help us and how can we take it in a more positive way or lets say in good spirits is what we will be discussing today.

New and Different Point of View

When someone disagrees with your thoughts they are usually based on some observation and thinking and most readers are kind enough to present their side of the story and thoughts in the comments. So now you have a new point of view to ponder over. Maybe they are right and you are wrong or vice versa but both of you should take it in a healthy way. If you are wrong then accept it - you wont get hurt. And if you are right and then try to convince them further with more details - they wont bite you for opposing.

So it is really the beginning of a healthy relationship between you and your reader and helps you improve your writing skills as well. Remember that each and every visitor is equally important.

Increases Involvement

Thats so true. When someone disagrees with your line of thoughts that means he has gone through the trouble of reading your post carefully and and has done his homework - its a positive sign that atleast there is one reader that is following up on your posts. It also increases involvement of other readers who start taking interest in the conversation and try to evaluate both of you trying to understand who is perhaps more correct in his approach.

It also increases your traffic :twisted:

Controversies increases publicity but fruits are short lived

Though it may sound like a good idea to purposefully create such posts and write up stories that are controversial and questionable just reap the benefits of more attention of other bloggers in the related community but many us forget that such traffic and attention is often short lived. Soon readers realize the story behind the scenes and frown upon such bloggers thinking that all he can do write crabs and take names providing no value to the community. There are alot of examples of such infamous personalities in Hollywood who are not doing anything good but still make it to the front page when they attend some party where no one can stand on properly !!


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