Make Money Online Without Selling Anything

How to make money online without selling anything?…Almost everyone looking to make money online is selling something or using advertising funds for content. What’s the problem with these methods? If everyone is done them, how can you squeeze into these niches without some serious competition? The answer is that you can’t. However, you can actually make lots of money with a product that has no price tag. That’s right, give your product away. No price, no hidden fees, absolutely free. How can you profit from this insane move? Keep reading and find out.

Create Your Product
First, make a product. If you can write, make an ebook. If you can design, make some business cards. Whatever you do, make a product that you can give away over and over without providing any service. If you don’t have any skills, then outsource the work to somewhere like TextBroker, RentACoder or Elance.
Setup Your Website
Next, setup your website. A good design may help, but the free market pretty much sells itself, so a stellar design isn’t needed. Just get a free website template and upload it to your host’s server. However, while you can use a free template, don’t use a free host. Spend the extra money and go for a real domain, it will help rankings.
Upload Your File
Now, this is how you will make money. Upload your file to a service that pays you per every 1,000 downloads. A few websites that do this are ShareCash, Uploading and FileCash. You upload the file and every 1,000 downloads will usually net you $1-$5. Sure, it doesn’t sound like much, but since free can sell itself, getting 10,000 downloads a day won’t be hard after some marketing.
Promote Your Product
Speaking of marketing, that is the next step. Most people marketing their website through paid means, like paid traffic, but that isn’t worth the expense and organic traffic is better anyway. Submit some articles to EzineArticles, HubPages and ArticleCity about how great your free downloads are. Also, visit some forums about your topic (if you have free websites, go to a forum about websites), place your URL in the signature and start posting. Don’t spam, only make good comments.
After this, concentrate on making (or outsourcing) new products. If you become stale, your earnings will drop. Not only that, but new products will get the downloading enthusiasm that your older products may start lacking.
If you have an opt-in list attached to your website, you can also email people each time you get a new product. That means you can alert hundreds or thousands of people at once, people who are already interested in your free downloads, to make big profits for each new file. That is how you can make money online without selling anything.


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