How to Make Money with Apps

How to make money with apps is a question often asked these days since making money from apps is becoming increasingly popular. It seems like there are hundreds of new phone applications being developed every day. It is obvious that there is a demand for apps, and that means only one thing; there is money to be made with applications. Interested in learning how to make money with phone apps?… Here is all you need to know about making money from apps, from developing, promoting and selling phone apps.
How to make an app?
To begin making money from apps, you need to develop an app. Obviously, not all of us are tech savvy and know how to create web applications. The good news is, anybody can make an app, even if they have no clue about creating an actual application. You don’t have to be an app geek or a genius to create your own app. As long as you have a computer and internet connection, you can do this by simply hiring people to do it for you.
Before you hire an app developer, you need to figure out what kind of app you want to create. If you have an idea already, then you’re good to go. But if you don’t, simply visit an app store online. Brows through the apps until an idea hits you. You can even ask your friends and family or any iphon user) what kind of app they would like to have and then develop the app based on that.
The best and cheapest way to do this is to go through freelancing sites like Fiverr or Elance. There are tons of app specialist who are willing to develop application for really cheap prices. On Fiverr, you can even have an app made for $5!
How to price your app?
Usually most iPhone apps are priced anywhere from $0.99 to up to $9.99 and more. Obviously, pricing your app is your own decision. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind when putting a sale price on your app:
  • How useful is your apps going to be? If it’s going to help the user go through their day a little easier or help a business save time and money, you can charge more.
  • Consider how much time, money and effort it took you to create the app.
  • Are there a lot of people interested in what your app can do for them. In another words, what’s the demand for your app.
  • IS your app truly useful? Can it help user solve actual problems? Obviously the more useful an app is and the more time it can save a user, the more you can charge for it.
How to actually make money with apps?
To start making money with apps, obviously you will have to sell your apps. Most app stores have to first approve your app in order to allow you to sell it in their store. To ensure you app gets approved, create new and innovative apps that no one has created before. A practical app that can help people in their everyday lives, whether its for entertainment or business purposes, your app must deliver something of a value to users.
How to promote your app?
To earn the most amount of money possible with your app, you have to promote it just like any other product. Here are a few ways you can promote your app:
  • Bloggers-Get in touch with bloggers who write about apps and ask them to write a post about your app.
  • Contests-Enter app contests. These contest are a great way to get your app noticed.
  • Social media-Social networking is a great way to promote a money making app. Get active in social media. Maybe even create a Facebook or Twitter page for your app.
  • Coupon sites and promo Codes- Promotional codes are always a great way to pull in new customers. You can submit your promo code on coupon sites. Hundreds of thousands of people visit coupon sites every day. Getting your app in front of thousands of potential users is a no brainer.
  • Press Releases- Write and submit a press release to free press release sites. A well written press release will get your app noticed by a lot of people and organizations including newspapers, magazines, TV shows.
  • App review sites- Review sites are amongst the first and last places shoppers go to before buying a product. Submit your app to free app review sites for a review.
The more useful and practical your app is and the better you are able to promote it, the more money you can make. App industry is only in its infancy, so there is a lot of money to be made with applications whether free or paid, android or iphon or any other. Don’t fall behind! Get going and start making apps and money now that you know how to make money with apps.


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