How to Market Your Business via Twitter

Twitter is often misunderstood as a communication tool meant mainly for celebs and their followers. However, that’s not true! Twitter is actually a great and serious business tool that could connect you to the right clients and fans in your niche business area. You could actually use Twitter to organize meetings, check an opinion poll about products or services, direct your customers’ attention to a particular aspect of your business or service, utilize benefits of an international open forum for discussions and tips, and conduct a great marketing campaign.
You would be surprised to know how many small business owners are hiring full-time staff to look after their social networking accounts including the Twitter account. Here are the best apps to use for promoting business via Twitter:
1 – HootSuite: This is one of the most popular apps for promoting your business via Twitter. It allows you to schedule all updates through several channels at the same time. It works great for those using several Twitter accounts for marketing purpose. If you have a staff to handle the tweets, you could even add several login accounts for this app. HootSuite allows filtering of tags into columns for grouping various Tweet streams. Another app that works quite like HootSuite is TweetDeck. But, TweetDeck is only a desktop application.
2- CoTweet: CoTweet lets business users monitor all types of trends and keywords. It allows notifications, assigns updates to staff members, threading of conversations, tweet scheduling, multiple accounts, and multi-account posts. It also includes a special message archiving and tracking facility.
3- MediaFunnel: This is one of the best apps for marketing your business via Twitter. It integrates with Facebook and offers both a desktop and mobile client. It helps in easy organization of tweets on a multi-account basis. Tweets could be monitored with a queue system so that they are cleared for publishing after an editorial review. MediaFunnel also lets you tweet emails and brand alert messages on auto.
4- TwitHawk: This is a paid service, but considered very powerful by several business users as it allows you both to target an audience with a certain profile and send out very large tweets. You could also use it to filter certain keywords.
5-ObjectiveMarketer: This is a special Twitter app developed to handle marketing campaigns with an analysis of the results. It has inbuilt analytical tools that you could configure to keep track of your advertising plan and success.
6-SocialToo: It integrates Facebook and Twitter without cluttering your post stream. It comes with a unique tool called the Social Graph that lets you focus on the most important contacts. SocialToo also allows the creation of a Social Survey so that you could improve your marketing campaign.
7. TwitterFeed: This is another free app for promoting your business via Twitter. However, be careful as some people think that people use it to spread spam. It lets you automatically run your Twitter feed on your blog or webpage. You should use it if you are sure that all tweets going through your account stream would be valuable to the readers.
8. Trendrr: This is a total solution package for marketing accounts across several platforms. It helps you keep track of all Live Web Searches, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter streams. The tool comes with a comprehensive dashboard and system for keeping tabs on all the streams in real-time.
9. Twellow: This is a craig’s list that functions like a directory. It has users categorized according to theme and groups so it lets you locate people who would be directly helpful to your business. Your marketing campaign on Twitter gains in credibility as well when you register with Twellow.
10. Buzzom: It is one of the most popular business apps on Twitter that comes with both free and paid versions. It is most efficient for managing followers, evaluating effectiveness of marketing tweets, and automatically run the status in both Twitter and Facebook. It comes with several widgets that could be placed on your blog or website.
It would require some practice to use these apps for running a successful marketing campaign. However, the results are well worth the effort. Having high speed internet connectivity is also a must so that you can upload and download various files effortlessly. AT&T is offering great deals on their internet service just go to an Att uverse coupon page to review.


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